Interview Series: Caillianne + Samantha Beckerman

Illustration by Myrtle Quillamor

We looove cartoons! I think we would be a different cartoon character everynight. Like Beavis and Butthead on Monday, Sam would be Smurfette on Tuesdays and I would be Jem on Wednesdays.

Together, you have made such youthful and inventive fashion choices – have you always shared wardrobe and style habits?

CB: We share clothes but have our own clothes and closets. We definitely have the same style habits! Sam steals my troll jeans all the time and claims them as her own! I find them in her dresser all the time. She's even stated that I gave them to her? (I don't think so! lol!)

How would you describe each other’s individual style?

SB: We both have the same style... and looooove anything colorful, wild, fun, fruitloopy and chic.

What item of clothing will we never find either of you wearing?

SB: FUR. We are animal lovers. :)

You are ALWAYS smiling – what keeps you both happy?

CB: Sam and I were talking about this the other day... pomeranians, fluffy cute things, candy, friends, family, music, glitter and creating fun things.

What is the most fun aspect of working together? And, what would you consider to be the most difficult aspect?

SB: The most fun aspect of working together is that we can read each other's minds. The most difficult aspect of working together is that we are both not morning people!

Describe your most individual trait that you do not share as twins.

CB: I can pattern draft, and sew/knit anything.

SB: I love camping and was a canoe–trip guide for 5 years.

What is your biggest source of inspiration for leading a colorful and happy life?

SB: Traveling and opening up my mind and heart to the world around me.

We see a lot of TV in your street style – if you were each a cartoon character, which character would you be and why?

CB: We looove cartoons! I think we would be a different cartoon character everynight. Like Beavis and Butthead on Monday, Sam would be Smurfette on Tuesdays and I would be Jem on Wednesdays, and so on. I used to dream we were stuck in a Duck Tales Nintendo game and we couldn't get out because we were stuck on the Himalayas level!

How do you support each other with your ever-evolving career and brand?

SB: We support each other and go crazy together lol!

You both sit front row at every high-caliber fashion show during Fashion Week – what do you love most about these events?

CB: We loooove all the creativity pulsing through the room.

What has been the most exciting project you have worked on this year?

SB: Going to Dubai with Chanel, H&M collabs, Marc by Marc Jacobs collab, hosting the red carpet for the Much Music Video Awards, becoming columnists for Flare Magazine, and our Versace Collab. We have a few collabs coming up at the end of October/November that we are super excited about but can't mention them yet!

You are based in Toronto – how would you describe the differences in energy between Toronto and New York?

CB: Toronto has an awesome energy running through it like New York. The only difference is that Torontonians don't complain about the cold the way New Yorkers do! lol (WE THE NORTH – as Drake and the Raptors say.)

When traveling, what key items do always have with you?

SB: Always a blanket and an eye mask and some back-up chargers.

What trends are you most excited about this fall?

CB: Pantsuits and plastic.

Are there any risks that you have not yet taken in terms of style?

SB: Hmmm... I can't think of any weird thing we haven't tried! lol!