Interview Series: Jake Rosenberg + Stephanie Mark

Illustration by Myrtle Quillamor

Shooting legends like Anna Dello Russo and Patricia Field are always VERY scary. You want them to like your work and share the vision of the shoot.

You have been documenting the closets and homes of some of the fashion, art, and entertainment industry’s finest – what space have you yet to explore that is currently on your wishlist?

SM: I would love to be let loose in Graceland. 

JR: Neil Young's Ranch.

Having peeked inside so many luxurious homes throughout the world, what items do you typically see over and over again?

SM: Fashion folk are very dedicated and obsessive so we do see lots of repeats – the cool thing is that they are usually of really cool items and everyone covets. The #1 is the Olympia Le Tan book clutch. 

JR: At one point, it was the piggy bank from Barneys and then it was something as simple as a candle in every single home. Curtis Kulig's have definitely appeared in several places we have shot, which is amazing! 

Has anyone’s home or workspace inspired you to change your own personal space? 

SM: Just seeing how everyone lives and designs their spaces has inspired me to put a little more TLC into mine. We pick up great tips and inspiration that are easy to implement. 

JR: I am inspired by every home we walk into – each one represents the subject’s personal style. It has helped me to learn more about arranging my own personal space. 

You are constantly traveling around the world — how do you pack for several countries and climates, in one suitcase?

SM: At a certain point, you are forced to really think about what pieces you get the most wear out of and what are the most versatile. After figuring that out, packing does become a bit easier. Layering pieces, strong separates and easy dresses are all go-to's for me. 

JR: I always bring the same things: lots of Nikes, lots of black t-shirts, and one fancy look, just in case. 

What essentials do you each carry on the airplane?

SM: The always chic neck pillow!

JR: Headphones, pillow, blanket – the airplane is where I get most of my sleep. 

You have been in bed with everyone from Hugh Hefner to the New Potato sisters — what has been your most scandalous shoot?

SM: That would have to be when Shea Marie and her roommate Caroline Vreeland had a cake fight during the shoot and then rinsed off in the shower... together! 

What has been the most challenging and/or scariest shoot for your team thus far? 

SM: Shooting legends like Anna Dello Russo and Patricia Field are always VERY scary. You want them to like your work and share the vision of the shoot. 

The site has evolved from closet confessions to a vast array of categories – what category is seeing the most traction and why?

SM: For us, beauty as well as health and wellness are doing really well. I think people are looking to be informed in those categories and are looking to lead healthier and more balanced lives. 

Many e-commerce sites, such as Net-a-Porter, have a combination of content and commerce – will The Coveteur expand its e-commerce?

SM: I think that e-commerce will always play a supporting role in all the content we create. It’s logical. I think with a business like Net-a-Porter, they began as an e-commerce company and built a content business around it, which tends to work better then the other way around, in my opinion. 

With such a successful online publication, do you think The Coveteur will ever become a print publication?

SM: It is something we have talked about. A book is for sure on our list. A quarterly magazine is something that would be an amazing project for us as well. 

JR: We love being digital and plan on continuing to expand our digital presence as much as possible. 

Having explored lifestyles, fashion and culture, what do each of you consider as your place of comfort?

SM: My bed. Or my parent’s house.

JR: My backyard with my friends and family at home.