Interview Series: Alexis Maida

Illustration by Myrtle Quillamor

Truthfully, my husband and all of my Italian friends and business relations are endlessly inspiring to me. They see things in a different light - they find the beauty in everything.

How did you become involved in the fashion industry?

I was a model a long time ago, so I guess that was my first rodeo. But, I’ve been working with MUSE since 2010, which I would consider my real beginning at working within the industry. I prefer this side of the table. 

Between being the Editor-at-Large of MUSE Magazine and the CEO of Magic Creative, how do you manage to continually balance work and play?

Work is Play! When you love what you do, it honestly doesn’t feel like work. I made the giant leap into being an entrepreneur so that I could make this my reality. Granted, this can certainly create a lot of stress and completely erase what most people would consider a healthy work/life balance, but it works for me.

Having once been a model, how has this affected your current lifestyle and health choices?

I’ve always cared about being healthy, but I think I am most comfortable in my skin and body in my 30’s. Now, I choose to care for my overall health for my longevity rather than any other reason. 

With health being an important part of your life, what do you think is the most fundamental aspect of your health regiment?

Health is so important to me to be able to maintain my lifestyle and schedule. I believe staying healthy is the only reason I have the energy and drive to get through my busy days. I try to stay focused on 360 degrees of health as well - eating healthy, exercising, stretching, resting, laughing, loving, spending quality time with my husband, family and friends… all of it is what I consider my health and I do everything I can to protect it. 

Having an Italian husband and working for an Italian publication, you’re constantly immersed in Italian culture. How has this influenced your creativity?

La dolce vita! I lived in Milan when I was 19 and 20 years old, and the culture and people made such an impression on me that I had to find some way to combine my life in NY to Italy. So, I married an Italian and work with Italian business partners! Truthfully, my husband and all of my Italian friends and business relations are endlessly inspiring to me. They see things in a different light - they find the beauty in everything. They would rather take the long walk to see more beautiful surroundings, sit at a dinner table for hours to enjoy good company and conversation, take a long lunch to savor each bite, dress with meaning and elegance rather than ease and comfort… Italy is my adoptive culture and it adds the zest to my life. 

We once read that you're constantly throwing around ideas with your husband, Marco, co-founder of 1+1 Management. Is this a big part of your creative process?

Marco is a huge part of every part of my life - he’s my best friend in addition to being my husband. The biggest blessing is that we can also work together and collaborate. We don’t leave work at the office, we have our own happy hour at home with a nice glass of wine when we catch up and inspire, encourage, and build one another’s careers and dreams. I couldn’t do what I do without him and I certainly wouldn’t be where I am. 

We know that you recently traveled to Italy - what were some of your travel essentials during this trip?

We went to Italy to celebrate our 5 year anniversary! We went to Portofino to celebrate alone and then to spend time with family in Borgio Verezzi. I consider myself low maintenance, so my travel essentials involve my daily vitamins, night cream, iPhone, MacBook, mascara (all I wear with a tan), scarves that can also serve as pareros and fedoras. 

With constantly traveling, organizing photo shoots, attending fashion weeks and interviewing creatives, you’ve had the opportunity to meet many important and influential individuals. Who would you say is the most interesting person that you’ve met along the way?

I’ve been so blessed to meet so many amazing people. I have to say the artists are the most fascinating. Two cover collaborations that stand out for MUSE are Marina Abramovic and Barbara Kruger. Marina was flying in an astronaut suit in Tribeca and I was ready to throw myself under her in case the cables broke. Barbara did a still life shoot with us and then completed her famous graphics in our office! There are so many others, but these two stand out as being incredibly inspiring and fun days. 

Having worked with Fabio Crovi for many years, has he somehow affected the way you view the arts? How has he influenced your work and creative concepts?

Fabio and I have been working together for years, so we understand each other very well. He’s certainly been hugely influential in my passion for design, art and fashion. I think we are good compliments in our experiences and personalities and we share a similar aesthetic, which makes working together very natural. 

What advice would you offer to aspiring editors and/or creatives?

I would suggest finding your passions and bringing those to life through your work. You can’t work in this world without a natural and strong passion for the content or project.