Art Series: Tony Oursler

On Wednesday evening, American artist Tony Oursler launched his new book Tony Oursler / Vox Vernacular, a compilation of fifty video transcripts from the artist’s installations dating between 1977 and 2013. Offering a fresh approach to understanding Oursler’s work, the book includes full-color illustrations along with essays describing the artist’s creative process. To celebrate this launch, a select group of individuals performed excerpts from Oursler’s new book at the New York Public Library, recreating video installations and sculptures in a live and vigorous performance.

Images courtesy of Tony Oursler.

Tony Oursler, Oxt Variations (2012)

Tony Oursler, The Influence Machine (2000)

Tony Oursler, Judy (1994)

Tony Oursler, System for Dramatic Feedback (1994)