Interview Series: Karlie Kloss

Illustration by Nimisha Gupta

I still pinch myself when I see an ad campaign or my face on the side of a building. It’s such a surreal feeling and I’m so humbled to have this opportunity to be working in this industry.

What does a typical New York day look like for you? 

KK: On a typical day, I wake up early and head to the gym to work out with my trainer. It's important for me to start my day with lots of energy and movement! I then shower, get ready and have a nutritious breakfast. I really love having egg whites, avocado and a fresh green juice to kick start my day. I then normally stop by the bakery "The Little Cupcake Shop" in Noho for an iced coffee! Then, I either head to set for a shoot or keep busy running from one meeting to the next.

New York is your home; however, we read somewhere that you have always dreamt of owning an apartment in Paris. Could you see yourself living elsewhere?

KK: I am fascinated by the energy and culture in San Francisco. I would love to live there simply to be surrounded by the creativity and tech innovation.

We know that you love to bake and that you even have your own line of Karlie’s Kookies in collaboration with Momofuku Milk Bar. How did this collaboration come about?

KK: When I met Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar, we bonded over our love of baking. The concept for Karlie’s Kookies really evolved organically from our first meeting. We spent hours in the kitchen experimenting with healthy ingredients and came up with the Karlie’s Kookies vegan and gluten-free recipe.

We’re sure that your career has afforded you many amazing opportunities and experiences. Are there any in particular that standout?

KK: I recently got back from shooting an incredible editorial in the French Alps. I learned how to ski for the first time and just felt like I was flying. Not to mention the views of the snowy mountaintops were extraordinary!

VIANEL’s philosophy is to simplify your lifestyle. What are some ways in which you simplify yours? 

KK: Throughout my travels, I like to keep my packing light. When I have the choice, I always travel with just a carry-on suitcase. I like to keep everything compact and only take the things I really need.

Modeling is an incredibly difficult industry to break into and in which to build a successful career. What was your big “ah ha” moment where you realized that you have made it?

KK: I still pinch myself when I see an ad campaign or my face on the side of a building. It's such a surreal feeling and I'm so humbled to have this opportunity to be working in this industry.

What was the hardest part of your journey and what is some advice that you could share that has helped you get through the more difficult times?

KK: Being constantly on the road can be difficult. I hate being away from my family and loved ones. I am always trying to find an excuse to take one of my sisters out of school or work to come with me! 

You’re constantly traveling around the world. What are your travel essentials?

KK: I like to bring my pair of Nike sneakers, my ankle weights and strength training resistance bands so that I can always get in a run or some form of exercise while I am on the road.

Do you have a favorite travel destination? 

KK: One of my favorite travel destinations is Iceland. I went there last summer in 2013 and it was such an unforgettable trip. The scenery was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. 

What are some of the challenges that your career has presented you with from both a personal and business perspective?

KK: Balancing my personal and professional life has been the biggest challenge for me. I am really close with my family and love spending time with my loved ones, but I also want to work hard and grow professionally. I started my career when I was 15 and had to learn to balance school and work at a young age. I work every day to strike a healthy balance.